[COMPLETED] Changeover for dev.hairtechsrv.com

If you use dev.hairtechsrv.com for anything, such as WordPress theme and plugin updates or scripts, the site will be moving in two parts.Part 1:WordPress Theme and Plugin updates will be moving from dev.hairtechsrv.com/wp/update/ to hairtechsrv.com/wp-updates, this move is already underway and themes and plugins should be automatically updating to ... Read More »

23rd Dec 2016
[COMPLETED] Server Migration

Our host migrated us from our old server to a new state-of-the-art server.

21st Nov 2016
[COMPLETED] Billing System Upgraded

Our billing system has just been upgraded. If you encounter any issues, please open a ticket.

6th Nov 2016
[RESOLVED] Billing Issues

All issues with our billing system incorrectly suspending services has been resolved. If you experience any further issues, please submit a ticket.

6th Aug 2016
[RESOLVED] Networking Issues

All networking issues have been resolved at this time. If you exprience any further issues, please submit a ticket.

18th Jul 2016

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